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Accessing Google Apps

How do I log in to Google Apps?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your existing user name and password. 

How long will it take me to get up to speed with Google Apps?

You should be able to begin sending and receiving mail, scheduling calendar events, and managing contacts right away, without any trouble. Becoming accustomed to Gmail's unique mail management features such a conversations and labels can take a bit longer. Within a week, however, many people find they are not only comfortable with Google Apps, but they appreciate the benefits and no longer miss their old application.

Can I open my email or calendar in new tab (not a new window)?

Yes, if you set up your browser to open links in a new window or tab.

Tip: If you want to open Google Mail or Calendar in a new tab instead of a new window, change your settings in Internet Explorer. Go to Tools >Internet Options>Tabs>Settings, and clickLet Internet Explorer choose how to open pop-ups.

Can I access Google Apps before my Amherst account is migrated?

No, you can't access Google Apps until we migrate your account from Amherst Email to Google Apps.

Requirements and Language Support

Which web browsers can I use with Google Apps?

Google Apps supports the following other browsers

  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0+
  • Apple Safari 3.0

Are there any other system requirements?

No. Because Google Apps runs in a web browser, you just need to use a supported browser.

What languages does Google Apps support?

The interface for both Google Apps Email and Google Calendar are available in over 50 languages. For a list of the available languages and instructions on how to set a different language, refer to the Gmail Help Center.

Other General Questions

Will my email address change?

Well, sort of.  You will still be able to receive email addressed to your address, but now when you send email out it will be as This may affect any newsgroups that you post information to.  We can handle those changes as they occur. 

Will we have access to Google Labs? 

Yes, you access Google Mail Labs by clicking the Labs (green flask) icon in the upper-right corner of your Mail window. Note that Google Mail Labs is a collection of new ideas for Google Mail features that you can try. Please be aware that these features are not officially "released" and can change, become unstable, or disappear at any time.

I listen to my voicemail messages in Outlook.  Can I still do that?

Yes, but it will be a bit different.  In outlook there was a build in player for Voicemail.  Google offers that too, but it is not compatible with our Cisco Voicemail.  As part of this project, we are looking into alternate voicemail programs to resolve this issue.  That part of the project would not happen until the summer of 2011.  In the meantime, you can play your voicemails by double-clicking the message in your Google Apps mailbox.  It will then offer you play that message in Windows Media Player.

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